Multi-Purpose Levitation Illusion for Professional Stage Magicians, Formally the 3-in-1 Levitation
Levitate from Stage Floor
Levitate from Standing Position
Sword Suspension to a Levitation
Multi-Purpose Levitation is Great for Comedy
Multi Horizontal Levitation using Stools, Saw Horses, Pillars, Chairs, Poles, etc.,
Classic Chair Suspension to a Levitation
Multi-Purpose Levitation Acts Like A Flying Carpet, Flying Princess Levitation
Levitate a Volunteer on her Folding Chair
Float and Vanish the CEO
Requirements for using the Multi-Purpose Levitation
Technical Information on the Multi-Purpose Levitation
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Vertical Levitation
Assistant walks to center stage and can be vertically lifted. There are no attachments or braces on the for this type of lift. You could even lift the Emcee this way.

As a comedy effect you can be lifted instead of your assistant. See Comedy Levitation



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